New Affiliate Program: Great Opportunity For Fast Action-Takers

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If you’re an affiliate marketer in the health, fitness, strength training, or bodybuilding markets and you’re looking for an easy product to promote that converts very well, then let me tell you how The Pull-up Solution can help you make some extra money with very little work on your part.

Why Promote The Pull-up Solution?

We take care of our affiliates – We make it easy for our affiliates to promote. If you want a guest article, an interview, a review copy of the product, a custom banner ad, or help writing your own review so that it converts well, just ask us. We provide one-one-one help to make sure you make as much money as possible by promoting our program.

We pay 75% commissions on all referred sales – You deserve to be paid well for lending us your time and trust. We’ve tested several different price points and the $47 price has given us the best results so far. So, you can expect to earn an average payout of $31.73 per sale.

Note: Higher commissions are available for certain affiliates who are able to refer a large sales volume.

Our sales page converts extremely well – We work hard to help convert the traffic you send us into sales. Our sales page has historically converted around 1.15% on ALL traffic – including cold traffic. Our latest split-test has bumped our sales page conversion rate by 170%. And our in-house traffic currently converts around 2.48% according to our last split-test (i.e. pre-sold traffic who are already familiar with our brand). So, affiliates who plan to promote semi-regularly can expect excellent conversion rates.

Legal Disclaimer: We can give no assurances of your conversion rate or earnings potential.

We have an extremely low refund rate – Our refund rate is 3.6% on all sales since the product’s release in February 2014. And we have had zero refunds so far in 2015. We attribute this success to the fact that we created an outstanding product that delights our customers and we offer excellent customer service. We’ve been online since 2006 have a reputation built on quality, professionalism, and uncompromising integrity – and we plan to keep it that way.

Our product is very easy to promote – Our target market is anyone who wants to do more pull-ups. That includes health and fitness enthusiasts, athletes, bodybuilders, strength trainees, military hopefuls, firefighters and law enforcement officers, among others. If you have clients, customers, blog readers, newsletter subscribers, or social media fans who would be interested in getting better at pull-ups, our product would be a great match for you.

It took me two years to create The Pull-up Solution. And it’s taken me over a year to build the business, create a consistent sales funnel, and get our offer converting like clockwork before I was ready to release it to the Clickbank affiliate army. And now, it’s finally ready.

This is a new offer. So, take advantage of it while it’s still fresh because the first affiliates who jump on board will be at a definite advantage.

So, if you’d like to make some extra money promoting a great new product that will help people get better at pull-ups, then please sign up for the affiliate newsletter using the form below.

Or, feel free to introduce yourself by sending an email to affiliates [at] thepullupsolution [dot] com. Or, you may CLICK HERE to use the Contact Us Form.

I'd love to help you get started, and I look forward to helping you make some extra cash!


John Sifferman
Author of The Pull-up Solution