About this Website

If you’ve been struggling with pull-ups and chin-ups and want to finally get better at them – to nail your first one, or break through a plateau and score your first 10, 20, or even 30 reps – then this website was created for you. Inside, you’ll find tips, techniques, and tools to help you achieve your pull-up training goals as quickly as possible, without risking an injury.

The best place to start is by signing up for the 5-Day Pull-up Training Crash-Course. You’ll get a free pull-up training program I created that thousands of people have used to increase their pull-up numbers. Plus, you’ll also get a collection of lessons and downloadable gifts – the “best of” the pull-up training resources on this website – to help you jump-start your results and increase your pull-up strength starting this week.

Also, be sure to take a look at the Pull-up Training 101 page, which is an exhaustive resource to get you pointed in the right direction and start seeing results immediately.

And if you have any questions about pull-up training, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me. I’d be more than happy to help.

About the Author

John Sifferman is a health-first fitness coach who lives and works in the Southern New Hampshire area. He has been teaching, training, and coaching people in various capacities since 2006 when he was first certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). Since then, John has worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life – offering services ranging from health club and in-home personal training, to group fitness programs and “boot camp” style workouts at local gyms, public parks, and churches.

In 2008, John founded www.PhysicalLiving.com, where he continues to teach health-first fitness and physical culture to his readers around the world. He is passionate about helping people transform their lives through the conduit of physical transformation. He has written over 500 articles about health and fitness, and has been featured in Shape magazine, RMAX International magazine, Faith and Fitness Magazine, and on dozens of websites including Bodybuilding.com, T-Nation, The Burn The Fat Inner Circle, FitWatch, and Conditioning Research.

In 2009, John attended one of the very first MovNat Natural Movement seminars in the United States, and was temporarily appointed to an advisory position for the MovNat board. Also in 2009, John became certified as a Circular Strength Training Instructor (CST) and a CST Kettlebell Specialist (CST-KS) through RMAX International, and in 2011 he earned his CST Coach-Level certification.

John fell in love with pull-up training at the ripe old age of eleven after his Dad setup a homemade pull-up bar in the basement of his home, and he has been helping people with pull-up training ever since. In 2014, John released The Pull-up Solution, the first comprehensive, step-by-step pull-up and chin-up training system that helps people rapidly increase their pull-up numbers in three months or less.

John lives with his wife, children, and Akita dog in beautiful New Hampshire.

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About The Pull-up Solution

Note: this is the official blog for The Pull-up Solution by John Sifferman.

The Pull-up Solution is the most effective pull-up and chin-up training system ever created. It was designed to help you rapidly increase your pull-up strength and performance in three months or less – whether you can do ZERO pull-ups and want to get your first one, or even if you can already do a few or even several repetitions and want to do more to score your first 10, 20, or even 30+ reps.

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