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What To Do When You Can’t Hold A Flexed-Arm Hang

QUESTION: I just came across your website last night, and I’m having a little trouble understanding something. I’m a big guy (big enough I’d rather not say!) and I came across your site because I’m sick of waiting to lose weight to try to get my first pull-up. I’d rather not keep my strength goals… Read More »

Pull-ups VS Rows

Are pull-ups or rows better for back development? Which exercise should you focus on? Everyone involved in fitness should be performing some kind of upper body pulling exercises. Pull-ups and rows are two of the staples in this category. And for most people, doing a combination of pull-up exercises and rowing exercises is better than… Read More »

Pull-ups For Beginners: The Definitive Guide to Doing Your First Pull-up

Step-By Step Beginner Pull-up Exercises, Progressions, and Training Tips To Get Your First Pull-ups, Chin-ups, and Beyond Who wants to get their first perfect pull-up? YOU DO! Whether you’re almost there or can barely even hold yourself on a bar, this is the LAST first pull-up guide you’ll ever need. Here’s What You Need To… Read More »

Pull-up & Chin-up Isometric Exercises For More Strength & Reps

Beginner Pull-up Holds, Advanced Hanging Exercises, and Other Pull-up and Chin-up Isometrics to get Stronger and do More Reps If you want to get stronger, do more pull-ups, and master some difficult feats of strength, isometric exercises can help beginner and advanced trainees alike. This post will teach you how to make the most of… Read More »

The Easiest Pull-up Exercise Progression For Beginners

I’ve often said that if you’re strong enough to support some of your weight while handing from a pull-up bar, you’re ready to start training for your first pull-up. But what if even that is a challenge? Here is a more basic exercise that will stimulate the same movement pattern, only this one is done on… Read More »

How to Use Inverted Rows to Get Your First Pull-ups & Chin-ups

If you can’t do any pull-ups yet, the inverted row is a great exercise that will help you train the same musculature through a different range of motion. The pull-up and chin-up are VERTICAL pulling exercises. And the inverted row is a HORIZONTAL pulling exercise that targets all the same musculature (i.e. mostly the back… Read More »