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The Barstarzz 80-Rep Pull-up Challenge

I love a good challenge, and this pull-up challenge from the Barstarzz is a great one! Instructions: Complete the following pull up exercises in the order listed below – resting only as necessary. Once you’ve completed the circuit, rest for 5 minutes before going through the circuit again in the reverse order (i.e. start at… Read More »

Pull-up Training When You’re Overweight

How to Approach Pull-up Training When You’re Overweight, Over-fat, Heavy-set, Or Just Plain Ol’ Big-Boned Pull-ups and chin-ups are definitely easiest when you’re lean and muscular. But even if you’re overweight or just plain ol’ big-boned, you can still get better at pull-ups. I’ve often said that “anyone can do pull-ups.” And that goes for… Read More »

The Best of Pull-up Training on Youtube

Pull-up Training Stars, Experts, and Celebrities You Might Want To Follow On Youtube Below, you’ll find a list of some of the top pull-up training channels on Youtube. Each channel offers something unique, ranging from entertainment, to inspiration, to instruction. I think they’re each worth a look for the aspiring pull-up trainee. Al Kavadlo Al… Read More »

P90X Pull-ups: Tony Horton’s Top 6 Pull-up Exercises for a V-Shaped Back

Tony Horton, the creator of the popular P90X programs, is definitely an interesting character. And in this video, he’ll show you how to do six different pull-up exercises to help you sculpt your back into a muscular masterpiece. Check it out… I’m glad that Tony showed several different variations of the exercise since I think… Read More »

Scooby’s 5 Step Program to do Your First Eight Pull-ups

Learn How to do Your First Pull-up and Work up to Doing Eight Complete Reps with this Simple 5-Phase Program Scooby of is a popular fitness video producer on Youtube. In this video, he shares a simple program to work your way up from being able to do zero pull-ups to doing eight complete… Read More »