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6 Week GTG Program to Increase Pull-ups Fast

Over the past few years, many people have asked me for a sample Grease the Groove training program for increasing pull-ups. I usually provide instructions for setting up your own custom program rather than just listing some arbitrary numbers, but I thought it may be helpful to provide a visual example of what a grease… Read More »

Easy Pull-ups: The Minimum Effective Dose For Increasing Pull-ups & Chin-ups

Would you like to increase your pull-ups and chin-ups while doing as little work as possible? I’ll explain how in this post. A few people have emailed me to say something to the effect of… Your pull-up workout programs look great, but they also look hard. Do you have something easier? The answer is always… Read More »

Pull-ups For Beginners: The Definitive Guide to Doing Your First Pull-up

Step-By Step Beginner Pull-up Exercises, Progressions, and Training Tips To Get Your First Pull-ups, Chin-ups, and Beyond Who wants to get their first perfect pull-up? YOU DO! Whether you’re almost there or can barely even hold yourself on a bar, this is the LAST first pull-up guide you’ll ever need. Here’s What You Need To… Read More »

Grease The Groove Training: Doing Pull Ups Every Day For Rapid Results

10 Key Points For Using Grease The Groove Training to Rapidly Increase Your Pull-up Reps The Grease the Groove method (GTG) is one of the most effective ways to rapidly increase your strength (and thus, your pull-up reps) in a short period of time. That goes for both beginner level and advanced trainees. And the… Read More »

How to Nail Your First 5 Deadhang Pull-ups in 5 Weeks or Less

A Complete Pull-ups Workout Program to Help You Rapidly Increase Your Strength and Go From Zero to Five Perfect Pull-ups (Or Chin-ups) As Fast As Possible The following program will help you strengthen your arms, back, and core musculature to increase your pull-up strength and performance so that you’re able to do 5 pull-ups with… Read More »

Stuck At 16 Pull-ups and Need to Hit 20 Reps in 1 Month (Q+A)

Below, you’ll find a question from a young man who is an officer candidate for the Marine Corps and is preparing for his Physical Fitness Test (PFT) next month. He’s been stuck at 16 pull-ups, and would like to get to 20 reps, which will be a perfect score for the pull-ups portion of his… Read More »