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Interview with Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher about Pull-up Training for Firefighters

Awhile back, I hosted an interview with a couple of professional firefighters who also happen to have extensive fitness backgrounds. During our interview, Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher both offered a lot of key insights into pull-up training for the firefighting community. Most people know these guys as the “TACFIT Firefighters” because of their tactical… Read More »

Interview with a Navy SEAL about Pull-up Training

Earlier this week I published an interview with veteran Navy SEAL, Stew Smith, about pull-up training over on my other blog If you’re in the military, law enforcement, the firefighting community, or another physically-demanding vocation – or you want to be – and you need to prepare to pass a physical fitness test, then… Read More »

New World Record for the Most Pull-ups in 24 Hours

Guess how many pull-ups this guy did in one day. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Just recently, a new world record was set for the most pull-ups completed in 24 hours. It was broken by Kyle Gurkovich, a middle school math teacher from New “Joisey.” And get this, he did a mind-boggling 4,182 pull-ups over the… Read More »

Interview with Jeff “50+ Pull-ups” Kuhland about his Advanced Pull-up Training Strategies

Advanced Strategies for Working Your Way up to High Rep Sets of Pull-ups, Heavy Weighted Pull-ups, and One-Arm Pull-ups Not too long ago, I got on the phone with strength and conditioning specialist, Jeff Kuhland, who happens to be a pull-up training expert that worked his way up to doing sets of 50+ pull-ups in… Read More »