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How A Young Lady Went From Zero to 10 Pull-ups…Then 30,000!

Awhile back, I received an email from a young lady who told me her story of training herself from zero pull-ups to 10 strict reps. She wrote, “I just found your article: “How Many Pull-ups Should I Be Able To Do?” and I felt compelled to tell you my pull-up story/journey as you truly seem… Read More »

The Barstarzz 80-Rep Pull-up Challenge

I love a good challenge, and this pull-up challenge from the Barstarzz is a great one! Instructions: Complete the following pull up exercises in the order listed below – resting only as necessary. Once you’ve completed the circuit, rest for 5 minutes before going through the circuit again in the reverse order (i.e. start at… Read More »

5 Unconventional Pull up Exercises

When it comes to pull-up training, standard pull-ups, chin-ups, and neutral-grip pull-ups are your bread and butter. But once you can do a decent amount of reps, it’s fun and beneficial to try out some new pull-up exercises. When this happens, people will usually do one of three things: 1) Grip the bar in a… Read More »

How Eva went from Barely 1 Pull-up to 15 Solid Reps in Just Four Months

This is Eva. That’s her projecting strength and confidence on stage at her first fitness competition. Last summer, she couldn’t perform a single pull-up. But after four months of hard work, she did this… That’s right. She did FIFTEEN solid reps with excellent technique. That ranks her in the Mastery Category in my pull-up training… Read More »

Teenage Girl Does 50 Legit Pull-ups

A teenage girl named Irina Rudometkina just broke the world record for the most consecutive pull-ups completed by a female. She did 51 pull-ups, and they counted 48 of those for the record, which is recorded here. I only saw one rep that looked iffy. So, I’m not sure which of the others the official… Read More »

This 7-Year Old Girl Can Do More Pull-ups Than 97% Of My Readers

According to my research, this 7-year old girl can do more pull-ups than 97% of this blog’s readership. Yes, ninety-seven percent. Said another way, if one hundred of my readers got together for a pull-up contest, this girl would have a very good chance at landing a spot in the top 3. Incredible. Absolutely, incredible. It’s… Read More »

Pull-up Training When You’re Overweight

How to Approach Pull-up Training When You’re Overweight, Over-fat, Heavy-set, Or Just Plain Ol’ Big-Boned Pull-ups and chin-ups are definitely easiest when you’re lean and muscular. But even if you’re overweight or just plain ol’ big-boned, you can still get better at pull-ups. I’ve often said that “anyone can do pull-ups.” And that goes for… Read More »