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Pull-up Training Tips For Personal Trainers

I just read a great article titled, Do You Want to Improve and Master Pull-ups, by James Cerbie (aka “the educated meathead”). He brought a unique perspective to the pull-up mastery process, and he made some really good points that often don’t make it into your average run-of-the-mill pull-up training articles. And so, I thought… Read More »

Does The Perfect Pullup Bar With Rotating Handles Really Work?

The Perfect Pullup™ Bar with Rotating Handles VS an Ordinary Pull-up Bar: What the Science Says The Perfect Pullup™ Bar was designed by a former Navy SEAL and is purported to “engage more muscles” than an ordinary pull-up bar and get you ripped, pump up your arms, shred your shoulders, yada yada yada. But what… Read More »