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What To Do When You Can’t Hold A Flexed-Arm Hang

QUESTION: I just came across your website last night, and I’m having a little trouble understanding something. I’m a big guy (big enough I’d rather not say!) and I came across your site because I’m sick of waiting to lose weight to try to get my first pull-up. I’d rather not keep my strength goals… Read More »

Pull-ups & Chin-ups for Max Biceps Development

7 Tips for Growing Bigger Biceps with Pull-ups and Chin-ups QUESTION: Hi. While doing chinups, is straight legs or bent legs backward more effective? And after doing 3 chinups my knee naturally goes forward and it makes it easy to do. What should I do to get maximum biceps development ? – Prajol ANSWER: Leg… Read More »

Pull-ups VS Rows

Are pull-ups or rows better for back development? Which exercise should you focus on? Everyone involved in fitness should be performing some kind of upper body pulling exercises. Pull-ups and rows are two of the staples in this category. And for most people, doing a combination of pull-up exercises and rowing exercises is better than… Read More »

How A Young Lady Went From Zero to 10 Pull-ups…Then 30,000!

Awhile back, I received an email from a young lady who told me her story of training herself from zero pull-ups to 10 strict reps. She wrote, “I just found your article: “How Many Pull-ups Should I Be Able To Do?” and I felt compelled to tell you my pull-up story/journey as you truly seem… Read More »

How to do More Than 30 Pull-ups (Q+A)

How to Break a Pull-up Training Plateau and Get Beyond 30 Reps Question: Hi John, Thanks for your information. It is really interesting. However, I have been able to hit 30-35 consecutive overhand pull ups for the last five years and therefore feel like I have plateaued. Any recommendations on how to step it up… Read More »

7-Point Pull-ups For More Strength & Control

If you want to get really good at pull-ups and chin-ups, you need to be able to control your breathing, movement, and structure throughout the full range of motion. Now, a good rule of thumb for most strength exercises is that you should be able to stop at any point in the range of motion… Read More »

Easy Pull-ups: The Minimum Effective Dose For Increasing Pull-ups & Chin-ups

Would you like to increase your pull-ups and chin-ups while doing as little work as possible? I’ll explain how in this post. A few people have emailed me to say something to the effect of… Your pull-up workout programs look great, but they also look hard. Do you have something easier? The answer is always… Read More »