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What To Do When You Can’t Hold A Flexed-Arm Hang

QUESTION: I just came across your website last night, and I’m having a little trouble understanding something. I’m a big guy (big enough I’d rather not say!) and I came across your site because I’m sick of waiting to lose weight to try to get my first pull-up. I’d rather not keep my strength goals… Read More »

Pull-ups & Chin-ups for Max Biceps Development

7 Tips for Growing Bigger Biceps with Pull-ups and Chin-ups QUESTION: Hi. While doing chinups, is straight legs or bent legs backward more effective? And after doing 3 chinups my knee naturally goes forward and it makes it easy to do. What should I do to get maximum biceps development ? – Prajol ANSWER: Leg… Read More »

Pull-ups VS Rows

Are pull-ups or rows better for back development? Which exercise should you focus on? Everyone involved in fitness should be performing some kind of upper body pulling exercises. Pull-ups and rows are two of the staples in this category. And for most people, doing a combination of pull-up exercises and rowing exercises is better than… Read More »

How to do More Than 30 Pull-ups (Q+A)

How to Break a Pull-up Training Plateau and Get Beyond 30 Reps Question: Hi John, Thanks for your information. It is really interesting. However, I have been able to hit 30-35 consecutive overhand pull ups for the last five years and therefore feel like I have plateaued. Any recommendations on how to step it up… Read More »

7-Point Pull-ups For More Strength & Control

If you want to get really good at pull-ups and chin-ups, you need to be able to control your breathing, movement, and structure throughout the full range of motion. Now, a good rule of thumb for most strength exercises is that you should be able to stop at any point in the range of motion… Read More »

Easy Pull-ups: The Minimum Effective Dose For Increasing Pull-ups & Chin-ups

Would you like to increase your pull-ups and chin-ups while doing as little work as possible? I’ll explain how in this post. A few people have emailed me to say something to the effect of… Your pull-up workout programs look great, but they also look hard. Do you have something easier? The answer is always… Read More »

Beyond Pull-ups & Chin-ups: What’s Next?

Pull-ups and chin-ups are great exercises. But eventually, you’ll need to move beyond them if you want to keep making progress in your fitness training program. So, if you’ve gotten really good at pull-ups and chin-ups, what’s next? Here are some ideas of what to do after you’ve mastered this exercise. 1) Use New Grips… Read More »