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Pull-ups VS Rows

Are pull-ups or rows better for back development? Which exercise should you focus on? Everyone involved in fitness should be performing some kind of upper body pulling exercises. Pull-ups and rows are two of the staples in this category. And for most people, doing a combination of pull-up exercises and rowing exercises is better than… Read More »

7-Point Pull-ups For More Strength & Control

If you want to get really good at pull-ups and chin-ups, you need to be able to control your breathing, movement, and structure throughout the full range of motion. Now, a good rule of thumb for most strength exercises is that you should be able to stop at any point in the range of motion… Read More »

5 Smart Steps to Your First 1-Arm Pull-up

The Definitive Guide to Working up to Your First One-Arm Pull-up Safely and Efficiently, Including 1-Arm Pull-up Training Prerequisites, Prep Strategies, Exercise Progressions, and the Keys to Long-Term Success Last year, I worked up to my first-ever one-arm pull-up. It was a long, slow journey marked with many ups and downs in progress. But I… Read More »

How to Use Inverted Rows to Get Your First Pull-ups & Chin-ups

If you can’t do any pull-ups yet, the inverted row is a great exercise that will help you train the same musculature through a different range of motion. The pull-up and chin-up are VERTICAL pulling exercises. And the inverted row is a HORIZONTAL pulling exercise that targets all the same musculature (i.e. mostly the back… Read More »

The Barstarzz 80-Rep Pull-up Challenge

I love a good challenge, and this pull-up challenge from the Barstarzz is a great one! Instructions: Complete the following pull up exercises in the order listed below – resting only as necessary. Once you’ve completed the circuit, rest for 5 minutes before going through the circuit again in the reverse order (i.e. start at… Read More »

5 Unconventional Pull up Exercises

When it comes to pull-up training, standard pull-ups, chin-ups, and neutral-grip pull-ups are your bread and butter. But once you can do a decent amount of reps, it’s fun and beneficial to try out some new pull-up exercises. When this happens, people will usually do one of three things: 1) Grip the bar in a… Read More »