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The Recon Ron Pullup Program VS The Armstrong Pullup Program

This post is comparing the Recon Ron Pullup Program, which is available here, with the Armstrong Pullup Program, which is available here. Note: I also have written a review of the Armstrong Pullup Program and also a write-up of My Results From Using The Armstrong Pullup Program. I’m a big fan of the Armstrong Pullup Program… Read More »

How to do More Pull-ups Barstarzz-style

The Barstarzz Teach You How to Increase Your Reps and do More Pull-ups If you want to learn how to do more pull-ups from someone who knows, then check out this video of Ed from the Barstarzz. These guys are bar calisthenics athletes. And pull-ups are just one of many exercises they use. They’re big… Read More »

My Results From Using The Armstrong Pullup Program (Review)

Last month, I posted my Armstrong Pullup Program Review. And since then, I actually used it myself for four weeks. Now, you may have seen in my review that I said, “the Armstrong Pullup Program seems like a great option for those who fit the criteria for whom it was created: young men and women… Read More »

The Armstrong Pullup Program – Complete Review

Learn all about the Armstrong Pull-up Program and whether it’s right for you in this detailed review The Armstrong Pullup Program was developed by Major Charles Lewis Armstrong (USMC) to help him prepare to set a new world record in pull-ups performance. It is now used and meant to help people work up to performing… Read More »