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2016 Survey Results, Rapid-Fire Q+A, and Upcoming Topics

I recently conducted a survey to get your opinion about how to best help you with your pull-up training goals. And today, I’d like to share a summary of the feedback that many of you graciously offered me. Let’s start with the positive feedback. Thank you…No, THANK YOU! First things first, a lot of you… Read More »

How Eva went from Barely 1 Pull-up to 15 Solid Reps in Just Four Months

This is Eva. That’s her projecting strength and confidence on stage at her first fitness competition. Last summer, she couldn’t perform a single pull-up. But after four months of hard work, she did this… That’s right. She did FIFTEEN solid reps with excellent technique. That ranks her in the Mastery Category in my pull-up training… Read More »

Stuck At 16 Pull-ups and Need to Hit 20 Reps in 1 Month (Q+A)

Below, you’ll find a question from a young man who is an officer candidate for the Marine Corps and is preparing for his Physical Fitness Test (PFT) next month. He’s been stuck at 16 pull-ups, and would like to get to 20 reps, which will be a perfect score for the pull-ups portion of his… Read More »

The Pull-up Training Program That Started It All

Back in 2011, I released a free simplified version of my very own pullup training program on my website This was a hybrid pullup workout program that I had pieced together using a variety of training methods I had used both myself and with my clients in years’ past. But this was the first… Read More »