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Pull-ups For Beginners: The Definitive Guide to Doing Your First Pull-up

Step-By Step Beginner Pull-up Exercises, Progressions, and Training Tips To Get Your First Pull-ups, Chin-ups, and Beyond Who wants to get their first perfect pull-up? YOU DO! Whether you’re almost there or can barely even hold yourself on a bar, this is the LAST first pull-up guide you’ll ever need. Here’s What You Need To… Read More »

Mad Scientist Shares His 4 Easy Steps to Doing Your First Chin-up

Today, I wanted to direct you to the fitness Mad Scientist himself, Nick Nilsson. Nick is top-notch strength and conditioning coach, and has put together a 4-step progression for working up to your first chin-up that I’d like to discuss. You can read the whole article on his site here, or you can scan my… Read More »