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How to Rapidly Increase Your Pull-up Reps in 2-4 Weeks

A Complete High Intensity Pull-ups Workout Program For Maximum Short-Term Results (2-4 Weeks) Below, you’ll find a pull-ups workout program that you can use for 2-4 weeks for a short-term boost to your pull-up strength and performance. This is NOT a sustainable workload, and thus, this is not an effective long-term training program. That said,… Read More »

How to Nail Your First 5 Deadhang Pull-ups in 5 Weeks or Less

A Complete Pull-ups Workout Program to Help You Rapidly Increase Your Strength and Go From Zero to Five Perfect Pull-ups (Or Chin-ups) As Fast As Possible The following program will help you strengthen your arms, back, and core musculature to increase your pull-up strength and performance so that you’re able to do 5 pull-ups with… Read More »

He Was Doing 100+ Pull-ups a Day and Still No Gains!

Not too long ago, someone contacted me out of the blue to ask for some pull-up training advice. He asked to remain anonymous. So, let’s call him Tim. After a couple of emails, I learned that he’d been doing between 100-150 pull-ups per day – spread across 10-20ish sets – five times per week. But… Read More »

The Pull-up Training Program That Started It All

Back in 2011, I released a free simplified version of my very own pullup training program on my website www.PhysicalLiving.com. This was a hybrid pullup workout program that I had pieced together using a variety of training methods I had used both myself and with my clients in years’ past. But this was the first… Read More »