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How A Young Lady Went From Zero to 10 Pull-ups…Then 30,000!

Awhile back, I received an email from a young lady who told me her story of training herself from zero pull-ups to 10 strict reps. She wrote, “I just found your article: “How Many Pull-ups Should I Be Able To Do?” and I felt compelled to tell you my pull-up story/journey as you truly seem… Read More »

Easy Pull-ups: The Minimum Effective Dose For Increasing Pull-ups & Chin-ups

Would you like to increase your pull-ups and chin-ups while doing as little work as possible? I’ll explain how in this post. A few people have emailed me to say something to the effect of… Your pull-up workout programs look great, but they also look hard. Do you have something easier? The answer is always… Read More »

How to Rapidly Increase Your Pull-up Reps in 2-4 Weeks

A Complete High Intensity Pull-ups Workout Program For Maximum Short-Term Results (2-4 Weeks) Below, you’ll find a pull-ups workout program that you can use for 2-4 weeks for a short-term boost to your pull-up strength and performance. This is NOT a sustainable workload, and thus, this is not an effective long-term training program. That said,… Read More »

Which Pull-up Grip is Best for Injured Shoulders?

QUESTION: John, I’m looking forward to being able to do chins again. My only concern is that I have 6 anchors in my left shoulder, due to a rotator cuff injury 22 months ago. I’ve been back in the gym for 11 months. Which grip puts less stress on the shoulder? Thanks, -B The Short… Read More »

The Pull-up Training Program That Started It All

Back in 2011, I released a free simplified version of my very own pullup training program on my website www.PhysicalLiving.com. This was a hybrid pullup workout program that I had pieced together using a variety of training methods I had used both myself and with my clients in years’ past. But this was the first… Read More »