The Best of Pull-up Training on Youtube

By | June 3, 2015

Pull-up Training Stars, Experts, and Celebrities You Might Want To Follow On Youtube

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the top pull-up training channels on Youtube. Each channel offers something unique, ranging from entertainment, to inspiration, to instruction. I think they’re each worth a look for the aspiring pull-up trainee.

Al Kavadlo

Al Kavadlo is always smiling. I’m not sure why, but it might have something to do with the fact that he gets to help people get stronger with progressive calisthenics. He’s got a good Youtube channel loaded with tips, ideas, and inspiration.

Featured Video: Progressive Calisthenics (Pull-ups)

Note: You’ll see Al’s name pop up here and there on the blog, like here: 5 Ways To Increase Your Pull-up reps by Al Kavadlo. I also spoke with him about his top pull-up training tips in our interview, which is available as part of The Pull-up Solution package.

The Barstarzz

These guys are not only known for the pull-up training skills, but pretty much any bodyweight training done on the bars and/or at the playground. There’s lots of good stuff in the Barstarzz archives.



This is Daniel Vadnal’s bodyweight training and gymnastics channel. He posts a variety of fitness-related content that is mostly instructional in nature. Don’t miss his one-arm pull-up videos.

Featured Video: The 35 Best Pull-up Exercises

John Sifferman

This guy posts all kinds of fitness-related stuff, but he has a special place in his heart for pull-up training. If it’s proper instruction you seek, then you can’t go wrong with John’s pull-up training videos.

Featured Video: How to do pullups and chinups with optimal technique

Editor’s note: That’s me. And yes, this is a shameless plug for my Youtube channel.


In the video below, you’ll see a man drink a glass of milk while holding the top position of a one-arm pull-up. ‘Nuf said. He’s got some other good pull-up training vids on his channel, too – mostly just clips of him doing impressive feats of strength.

Featured Video: ONE ARM TOWEL PULL UP CERTIFICATION!!!! Most epic way to drink 300ml of whole milk 😀

Note: I featured this guy in an earlier post here: This Barefoot Man Does a One-Arm Pull-up on a TOWEL While Drinking a Glass of Milk (Pull-up Inspiration)

Pavel “The Fortress” Rudometkin

Fortress is a popular bodyweight training channel on Youtube run by a young man with a passion for his faith and fitness. You’ll find How-To Videos, Workout Vids, “Best Exercises For…”, among other inspirational and instructional videos.

Featured Video: 76 pull ups, dead hang, no kipping, in a row + hang recovery

Steven Proto (aka ExtremistPullup)

Steven Proto is one of the strongest pull-up training athletes out there, who currently holds two Guinness World Records for pull-up feats of strength. He posts videos of his training regularly.

Featured Video: Heaviest Weighted Pull up Current Guinness World Record

Note: I’ve featured Steven here before, too (see here: Meet Steven Proto (aka “Extremist Pull-up”): Holder of Two Guinness World Records For Pull-ups), and I also did an interview with him all about his record-breaking strategies, which is included in The Pull-up Solution package.

Vitaly Kulikov

I never know what anyone’s saying in these videos, but this guy posts some insane pull-up feats – mostly high-rep sets of pull-ups, including some world record attempts. Here’s one video where he does 26 pull-ups with an extra 88 pounds.

Featured Video: 26 Weighted Pull ups + 40 kg. Подтягивания на турнике с доп. весом 40 кг, 26 повторений.

Note: I’ve featured Vitaly on my blog here: Man Does 26 Pull-ups with an Extra 88 Pounds (Weighted Pull-ups Video).

And that’s just a handful of the best Pull-up Training channels on Youtube! There’s some more great stuff out there, if you poke around a bit.

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